Matbloggen fortsetter

Tydeligvis har jeg begynt å skrive matblogg. Trodde dette krevde flere bilder og mer tallent, men tydligvis ikke. Her er da neste oppskrift.


Egg nudler
Jacobs Classic 3 table spoons
Jacobs Chillie 2 table spoons
1 tea spoon pepper
1 tea spoon spice
1 tea spoon salt
2 tea spoons milk product
1 dl/100g of vegetables
1 of the noodles.
Kok makaroni i 5 min, fjern vannet og putt i ildfast form. Tilsett 1 ss olivenolje og stek i ett minutt på lav varme. Hell over 5 ss med vanlig jacobs, 4 ss med chillie jacobs, en ts pepper. Tilsett 6 biter feta-ost, og ett lag hvitost. Stek på 200 grader i 18 minutter. Ta ut og la det stå i 5 minutter. et.


Splinter Cell Blacklist Discussion on YouTube.


+Snampired I’ve played it, I’ve played them all. Splinter Cell and Thief are part of my all time favorite games and stealth is my favorite genre. Blacklist and Conviction are nothing like prior splinter cell and both try to push you into evasion based gun battles where you’re a predator and not an unseen agent getting the job done. The game plays like Uncharted if they allowed you to bypass the large cover shooting arenas by sidling up the edge of cover and pressing A to move to the next. This is hiding via small walls in clearly stagey, gamey, arenas and none of it feels natural or intuitive.

This is not the stealth in shadows the games used to be, they are just hollywood Jason Bourne style ass kicking with the optional set course of being able to not do that. It’s either action or avoid the action, it’s not stealth just because you aren’t spotted and it’s not better because it’s pushing this whole “play the way you want” business. It’s watered down soda with too much ice.

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+FuzzleLand So that is implying that Blacklist is less natural than any other SC game in the past… That is a joke if I ever heard one. Maybe you don’t remember, but in past Splinter Cell games there was 90% of the time one path only that you had to take to avoid confrontation (and I’ve played all of them through at least 3 times, Chaos Theory at least 6 times). Now there are 3-4 paths and loads of gadgets to help you navigate the levels unnoticed. You have a very weird definition of stealth if this doesn’t count as stealth to you. I am very happy that they took it this direction as opposed to the older “just stay in shadows” gameplay because it was totally unrealistic. And in blacklist there are more than one “shadows states” or whatever (how much you are hidden in shadows). Now it’s actually pretty realistic. Try playing on the hardest difficulty, maybe that’ll change your tune.
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Wach the moivie on this link: As I do not know how to publish a movie on this blog, and am unable to post it on youtube.






Jana in Orange County.

2013-03-08 21.18.07

Jana’s freind came ower and picked me up for a dance-nigth one hour after my arrivial. We danced at Atomic Ballroom (The best place to dance swing anywhere) I had a 45 minute lession and then we had several hours of free-dancing ahead of us. I did manage to take some pictures during my breaks. Here is one of the Band, that played that one nigth.

2013-03-08 22.57.13

This is the best dance-partner I had, and her friend where good company during my breaks.

2013-03-09 01.02.12

This is John White, a swing-champion. The friend who came and picked me up. Thank you.

2013-03-09 01.17.51

2013-03-09 15.17.13

The best italian mozzarella pizza I’ve ever had.

2013-03-09 15.24.40

Myself eating this wonderfull pizza. Pickture by: Jana Remi

2013-03-09 15.21.01

2013-03-09 16.34.40

I and Jana decided to play some foosball. She had never played it before, as she is only housewatching for a college professor studying abroad for a year.

2013-03-09 17.48.08

2013-03-09 18.08.34

2013-03-09 20.09.02

Jana drove me to a chinema to watch Jack the Giant Slayer. She went to the libeary while I watched the movie.

2013-03-09 20.17.01

2013-03-09 20.19.55

2013-03-10 13.11.13

This is something we do not have in Norway, Jana’s Lemon-Tree.

2013-03-10 19.06.35

Jana’s cat didn’t want me to leave, either that or she wanted to come along with me to Becky Lindford in DC. Thank god we managed to leave her, as Becky’s dogs would have swallowed her in two bites.

2013-03-10 14.32.07 2013-03-10 14.44.24 2013-03-10 14.48.00 2013-03-10 16.10.59 2013-03-10 18.13.53

Oceanside part 1

A little bit of advertisement for The Yellow Deli. They have wonderful salads, and the best banana bread I’ve ever had. Be aware.ImageWhat the F*** just happened here? Did I drink to much? Did he hit me in my face? Did I faint? That’s up to you to decide. Image

Beautiful Orange County. (I wanna move!)ImageImageWe went sightseeing, and on the way we came across some geeks, model aircraft geeks that is. They where pretty good, and the planes flying alongside the birds just feet from the ocean was a beautiful sight, on a beautiful day, in beautiful company.ImageDo you wanna jump?ImageThis is Orange County part not Orange County part a model helicopter, rather a military helicopter flying about a mile away. Taken with 20*zoom.ImageYummy, eating lunch while waiting for the movies to start.ImageI still want to move!ImageYou gotta be creative to clean a popcorn maker. I just hoped she didn’t fart in there.ImageThis seems surreal, but I can assure you it’s real.ImageThis is Tommas (Tom). The oldest of Danielles two kids. We went for a walk in their neighborhood.ImageImageWould you like to take the walk?ImageOr talk the talk?ImageImageA close up of Tom’s shoe.ImageThis dog looks miserable, better him than me. We had to run for our lives because he barked so much. ImageA panoramashot.ImageI believe I can grow, I believe i can touch the sky.ImageBut I can not cause I’m trapped here in the earth.

Oceanside part 2

Tom was looking for a new pet, so I took a pickture of mice.ImageThis is Allison.ImageImageTom, Danielle and Allison.ImageImageImageA squirrel, sorry for the bad quality. I’ll do better next time.ImageHere you go.ImageWe had to drive by this house twice, so I could take a picture of it, It’s the pinkest house I’ve ever seen, perfect for Lady Penelope from The Thunderbirds. (A movie)ImageIs it a rug, Is it a pillow? No it’s a catwoman.ImageDanielle makes the best quesadillas ever. I’ve tried it at restaurants, fast food places and to make it myself, no one measures up.ImageA picture taken from the window while driving a Kia Sould in 60mph.ImageImageTheir pasta tastes amazing, but I would not advise you to eat their Pizza. If you want pizza use the pizzaria just around the corner. (Do not remember the name at the moment.. Sorry.ImageGina’s pasta.ImageImageThis is Danielles husband, he works at US mailservice.ImageImageImageImage

Los Angels

My holyday in the US had a duration of 14 days, 7 of witch where spent in Los Angeles, during this time I lived in three different homes, with three different families, the first of witch where Lorie and Tom. 

Here are some pictures I took during my stay with them.



This picture where taken on the fair wheel on Santa Monica Pair. We went there the evening I laded. I slept well that night to say the least. 

This is Tom taking in the good views. 


The fair wheel overlooks the pier and the ocean. 



Santa Monica Pier at nigth. 

This is Los Angeles seen from the fair wheel.


Santa Monica Pier?s parking lot. (For some strange reason this is often left out in Hollywood movies)

This is the Walt Disney Concert Hall

A tour bus, not to recommend. 

This is Tom’s car, this is the way to take a guided tour in style.

The interior of either Tom?s car or the concert hall.

The walk of fame

I never thougth I would be at the walk of fame, I guess I where misstaken.



This is taken at a High School in LA, where I spent the day.

This is taken while waiting for Lorie outside the High School.

This game is called Mahjong. It’s quite fun, I won several rounds but got 2. place over all. Not too bad for my first time ever playing the game.

Knots Berry Farm (A theme park) the theme is the Wild West. 


Taken by Lorie, while I where riding roller coasters.

Can you find me, I?m taking Supreme Scream.

The view over Buiena Park, California.

The view over Buiena Park, California.

The view over Knots Berry Farm, California.

This is Lorie eating Chocolate, or so she told me to tell my mom anyway.


I’ll make several entry?s from my holyday in the US over the coming weeks, 5 or 6 in total, all completed by the Norwegian national day.