6. Design.

This is a 50 sqm (500sqft) cottage.


This is the entre.



Living room


Kitchen with breakfest bar.


Utility and Laundry room.




Bathroom with a two person shower.


Master beedroom


2. Beedroom


2. beedroom



My best 50 sqm home design.


5. Design

I got a beedroom with a piched roof on the 2. floor. This design has the same dimensions as my bedroom, altrogth with a flat roof. (You have a storage loft)

This is the beedroom with shadowing. It has plenty of storage up along the wall. (I can not place a murphy bed in my design, but this is the beed I ment to use: http://www.resourcefurniture.com/space-savers/queen-space-saving-beds/ito


This is the kitchen.ImageThe bathroomImageSince I’m not a fan of wetrooms, I will higly recomend that you moove the toilet to where the Wasing mashine is located, and use this sink: (link) This will free up one of the sides for the shower.

The sink:b1_f05ImageThe exterior, as you can see you have a little bit of storage in the roof, but not much.ImageImageThe livingroom. It has a shoo rack and a folding chair by the entry door.ImageImageThe entry leads out onto a parkinglot, that’s a lot bigger than the house itself. Image

4. Design

here you have a 3 beedroom, 2 bathroom home, made up of 3 joyned 40 foot shipping containers, I’ts a minimalist building that’s all about the outdore living.


3. beedroom

2. beedroom

Master beedroom

Main bathroom.


Picture of the hallway, taken from the entry-door.


This is the livingroom.

This is the combined diner/kitchen and livingroom.

This is the closet, it’s currently being used as a guest (bed)room.

This is the entry to the closet, and the exit onto the livingroom deck.

This is the livingroom facade

Here you have the bedroom facades.


And finally there is the florplan:

Thank you for watching this design.
Curtasy of My Virtual Home Design Software.

3. Design

Here you have it.

This house is made up of three shipping containers (40*8*8 foot) and they are shifted a bit, to better acoomidate the rooms. The garage is made up of two 20 foot containers (20*8*8) This means that the house has a short on site construction site, and most of the work can happen within a controlled envirement, and when it’s done, you can ship it on top of three lorries. The best selling feature is however the gigantic patio.


A look trogth the living room, and londry room. (With it’s own exit)

This is the laundry room

This is the master bathroom

Master beedroom

Living room/Kitchen/ dining-room.

The kitchen has a bar.

2. bathroom

2. beedroom

3. beedroom

The entry, with acsess to the garage (So you do not have to go outside on a rainy day)

This one is pretty obvious.

The exterior.

A gigantic on roof patio. More than 1000 sq feet.

A fresh water holding tank, as you can see, you have a staircase to the roof, and the roof covers a little bit of the ground below, just outside the londry exit.

The roof.

1. Design

I will first of all welcome you to my new blog: I’ve previosly had another blog. This blog, has a total of 135 entrys. (You can either press blog; or copy the link: http://mikkeladriantilusa.blogg.no/)

Below you will find a 20 foot container, that’s made into a little hut. It has a murphy bed like no other.

Can you find the tiny fridge?


This is the bathroom


The floorpan/Nigthtime


The floorplan/Daytime


The whole interior/exept from bathroom and closet.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage