Hemligheten til å lage gode lapper, er ikke å bruke mindre melk enn i pannekaker, men heller å tilsette Bremykt i romtemperatur (i steden for å smelte det).

Tilsett mel, egg, smør, sukker, litt av melken og litt olivenolje (bytt ut 1/3 av smørret med olivenolje).

Rør om, tilsett resten av melken under omrøring.

Stek og et.


Once Upon A time has become a money making machine.

Once Upon A Time, Season 3-finale: What a twist! (No spoilers)

I sat for about 20 minutes thinking, well that’s one problem after another solved. This will be the Final episode in this series.
Then during the last minute of the episode I find out that that’s not the case. There will be a season 4 (And it will contain Elsa, winter princess from the movie Frozen.)!

I’m happy that I will get to see more great and complicated content in the future, but I’m also pissed. This episode had an incredible ending to the series. An ending it deserved.

It feels like the creators of this series want to continue for one reason alone, money (“People still watch it, so let’s make another season.”). The series should have stopped with this episode.

I will watch the next season, as well. I only hope that profits are not prioritized over the plot of the story, once again.